Dock Bumpers


30′ wide, 30′ high standard construction. Large Openings to 50′ wide, 40′ high up to 1200 square feet, consult factory.

Inflatable Shelters

Fire Door Mounting:

Face of wall or between jambs configurations in both interior and exterior walls. Approved wall types for the mounting of fire doors include masonry or structural steel jambs.

M100 FireGard Closing Systems

Recommended M100 FireGard Closing System Applications:
  • Any application where mechanical testing and resetting is impractical or not desired.
  • Where fire doors are installed within pedestrian thoroughfares.
  • Fire-rated units in recessed applications.
  • Units in areas susceptible to frequent power outages.

Features and Benefits

Fire Door System Operation: M100 FireGard™ Closing Systems are recommended. Available in bracket mounted motor, tube motor for counter fire doors and manual chain or crank. M100 Closing Systems offer the following benefits:

  • Automatic resetting of the automatic closing system yields dramatic savings for building owners in testing and resetting costs as well as minimized opening downtime.
  • M100 systems are directly wired for activation by fire alarm systems, local detectors or power failure without requiring connection to a separate alarm interface, fusible link release device.
  • Eliminate mechanical spring release and complicated resting and resetting, especially on recessed and larger doors.
  • Safe, controlled, automatic closing speed will not exceed 12″ per second.
  • Can be applied consistently on fire door, insulated fire door, counter fire door and SmokeShield® products.
  • UL Certification allows Cornell to retrofit M100 motor, chain and crank operators to most manufacturer’s fire doors while maintaining the door’s listing agency ratings.

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