Rolling Grilles
Rolling grille

Begley features the Amstel Rolling Grille.

The crisp, clean lines of an Amstel Rolling Grille will make your security solution an aesthetically pleasing one.  Available in either aluminum or stainless steel, these highly durable grilles can be ordered in four different models: Gardaire, Brick, Straight-Link and Poly-Guard.

Gardaire is our most popular rolling grille.  The close (1-1/4″) spacing of its horizontal rods make it an ideal choice for your retail or high security application.  The Brick pattern and Straight-Link design grilles offer visual alternatives.  For offices, schools and behind glass installations, these grilles are an excellent choice.  When you are looking for the ultimate in security, look to Amstel’s Poly-Guard Rolling Grille.  High strength 1/8″ Lexan® makes Poly-Guard an unbeatable choice.

For applications requiring a means of egress, inquire about our Amstel Emergency Egress System.

Amstel Rolling Grilles are available in standard clear anodized aluminum or a variety of other custom finishes and are specially manufactured to suit your site.

Whether your grille is manually operated, hand crank, chain hoist or motor operated, Amstel has the solution for you. We recommend a hand crank or electric operator over 100 sq. ft.

Features and Benefits

  • Available in either aluminum or stainless steel
  • Available in Grille patterns – Gardaire, Brick, Straight-Link and Poly-Guard
  • Poly-Guard uses high-strength Lexan is an excellent security option

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