Torsion Spring Doors

A Begley Torsion Spring Door is a better door.

Our recommended torsion spring doors are wood flush doors with box construction for strength and durability. Solid steel, sealed, high-pressure bearings provide smoother, longer performance. We use better hardware with heavy-duty 11-gauge steel versus the industry standard 13 or 14-gauge so a Begley Torsion String door can handle higher stress loads. And our through-bolt construction ensures solid performance with less maintenance due to vibration.

Torsion spring doors typically last for 100,000 cycles before the springs need to be replaced due to metal fatigue. All torsion spring doors require maintenance and the Begley maintenance program ensures continued performance and fewer emergency calls.

For doors that are opened less frequently, we recommend a steel or insulated steel door. Our steel doors are finished with 2 coats of weather guard paint.

Our attention to detail in design, quality and installation plus the other Begley benefits such as our DC Whisper Drive for quieter, smoother operation, add up to a better door.

Features and Benefits

  • Stronger wood construction.
  • Better hardware for longer performance.
  • Wall-mounted controls for less maintenance and easy access.
  • DC Whisper Drive for quieter soft start/stop operation.
Lift Type
  • Standard
  • Low Headroom
  • High Lift
  • Full Vertical
Model/Door Face
  • Wood Flush
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Trolley Drive 1&2
  • Jack Shaft 3&4

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