Rubber Rollup Doors
Rubber Rollup

In the most severe applications rubber roll-up doors deliver unmatched durability and reliability.

Your fast pace and rugged workplace demands tough doors that give you peace of mind. Year after year, receive trusted performance with maximum up-time and minimal maintenance. Begley’s design and logistics expertise and experience can guide you every step of the way.

  • Rugged, harsh environments
  • High pressure and windload
  • Door impact concerns
  • High traffic conditions
Model HDP – Springless Low Headroom

The springless low-headroom rubber roll-up door is designed for use in underground parking applications for condos, office complexes, hotels and airports to name a few.

This high performance door is best suited for any application where head room clearance is a concern. Maximum door width is 25’ 0” and maximum door height is 10’ 0” with a minimum requirement of 18” head room clearance.

It is designed to take full impacts with little or no downtime and is easily reset from the floor without the use of special tools or parts.

The Model HDP includes a high-efficiency helical gear head operator with a multi-function capacity PLC (programmable logic circuit) and offers door speeds up to 30 inches per second.

Features and Benefits

Begley’s Heavy Duty Parking (HDP) Rubber Roll-Up Doors feature:

  • PVC coated, polyester reinforced, self-extinguishing curtain material available in red, orange or blue (also available in clear PVC).
  • Full roll and motor covers in high luster galvanized finish.
  • Self supporting side frame, breakaway bottom beam.
  • Variable speed drive with opening speeds up to 50 inches per second.
  • Electronic inverter/frequency drive with self-test function.
  • Safety systems include wireless, failsafe self-monitoring reversing edge.
  • 2-year unlimited cycle warranty on all mechanical and electrical components

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