Sliding Doors


Begley’s Wood Sliding Door is the perfect solutions for door openings where an overhead door cannot be used.

This is a site-specific, custom application usually because there is not enough overhead space to work with. We can tailor a wood sliding door to fit either as a one piece door where there is sufficient space on the side to slide it or as a bi-parting door opening on both sides. Our wood sliding door utilizes construction for strength and durability. The through-bolt construction ensures solid performance with less maintenance due to vibration.

Our design process includes site logistics to understand all the parameters of your door requirements including access utilization, safety issues and maintenance requirements.

Take advantage of Begley’s design and logistics expertise and experience to guide you from start to finish.





  • Custom solution where overhead doors are not a option.
  • Single Door where space permits.
  • Bi-Parting Door available.
  • Through-Bolt construction for superior strenght & durability.